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Demon's Souls - Tower of Latria Concept - Heart's Tower

Tower of Latria was probably the most complex and largest environments I worked on during the project. My focus was on the so called Upper Latria with numerous towers, labyrinth of bridges and the big tower containing the huge mechanical heart. Due to the vast area of the location and repeating elements, my work was split into several spots of interest. This particular set of images was intended to give the look and feel of the central part around the Heart's Tower.
Art Director: Mark Skelton
Lead Artist: Elben Schafers
Artists who brought to life the Heart's Tower in the game:
Patrick Sullivan - Environment artist
Justing Wagner - Lead Material Artist
Michael Kahn-Rose - Lead Lighting Artist
Matthew Via - Environment Artist
Adam Rehmann - Concept Artist - Design Support
Jarrod Hollar - Environment Artist
Audrey Born - Environment Artist