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Grim Soul: Title screen illustration.

Illustration done for the "Grim Soul" survival game. This is a rare case in my practice when I managed to make a video record of the whole work process. More than a week of work has been compressed into half an hour. The video shows creation of some sketches and painting process. For the sake of video length color and reference explorations has been skipped. Nevertheless it turned out to be quite a long movie to watch through to the end, but clicking on the time line should still give a good idea about the process. :)

Pavel goloviy grim soul title illustration v2

Final illustration that went into the game release.

Recorded work process.

Pavel goloviy grim soul title illustration v1

The protagonist figure was first dressed in a rather sophisticated armor set that was later considered not in line with survival genre of the game.

Pavel goloviy intro sketch caravan destroyed

Sketch with destroyed caravan.

Pavel goloviy intro sketch battle ready

Sketch with cathedral ruins and graveyard.

Pavel goloviy intro sketch dungeon entrance

Sketch with dungeon entrance (cathedral ruins).

Pavel goloviy other sketches

A few other ideas explored at an early stage.