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Alice in Wonderland Stories: Crazy Clockwork.

This project is rather unusual to me. It is a virtual reality quest for a group of players that cooperate to solve puzzles and reach the main goal. This quest based on Lewis Carroll's Alice world and is about an imaginary country where chess figures and playing cards live together. Time has ceased to exist in a Wonderland and players must fix magic clock that controls the time flow.
The setting was definitely a step out of my comfort zone and it was both fun and difficult to work on. Hopefully that will add diversity to my work style and thinking.


Pavel goloviy room clocks view

Inside Magic Clock that controls timeflow in Wonderland.

Pavel goloviy kitchen view 1 3

Kitchen where players make cake and are supervised by angry Dutchess.

Pavel goloviy kitchen view 2

Kitchen general view.

Pavel goloviy cook view 1


Pavel goloviy country cards

Country of playing cards.

Pavel goloviy clock gears

Magic clock mechanism.

Pavel goloviy duchess

Angry Dutchess that lives in the kitchen.

Pavel goloviy clubs

Club card - one of the players avatars.

Pavel goloviy cakes colored folio

Just a magic cake.