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ILM art department challenge "The Job"

This is my submission for the final part of the ILM Star Wars challenge. That was definitely the toughest and most rewarding part of it.

Now some fun stuff. MINIGAME: The one who is the first to find "ZZ Top man" on one of these images and tell about it in comments here will get a mini prize ( my brushpack/tool set ). :)

Pavel goloviy danji alliance

"Danji meeting"

Pavel goloviy changed mind

"Director changed his mind"

Pavel goloviy breaking free

"Breaking free"

Pavel goloviy drinking hole

"Drinking hole"

Pavel goloviy swana moment

"Swana" (Danji princess)

Pavel goloviy sketches figure

Swana figure sketches

Pavel goloviy sketches head

Swana face sketches

Pavel goloviy sketches


Pavel goloviy breaking free sketches


Pavel goloviy danji transport

Danji transport

Pavel goloviy danji fighter

Danji fighter

Pavel goloviy danji corvette

Danji corvette