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Demon's Souls - Flamelurker Chamber Concept

This location was completely redesigned for the game remake. Hopefully it gives a more spectacular stage for the Flamelurker boss fight and anticipates the magnificent Dragon God boss that player encounters afterwards. It is an incredible pleasure for me to see how the concept was brought to life by the talented Bluepoint team (watch the video).
Art Director: Mark Skelton
Lead Artist: Elben Schafers
Artists who masterfully recreated this scene in the game:
Colin Wagner
Christian de los Santos
Michael Kahn-Rose
Myriah Higgins
Adam Rehmann
Alexis Boyer
Justin Wagner
Arvin Villapando
Jarrod Hollar

"Demon's Souls - State of Play" video shows the Flamelurker arena as it appears in the game. Time skipped to the location introduction.